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The Hacklist is a unique and complex graphic novel, in which the player will interact with the inhabitants of Nova City, hacking into the cybernetic implants on their minds, to read their emotions. Acting through the personal computer of a former police detective, the player will meet different characters, and solve mysteries, all to discover that things in this city are not always what they seem.

 This graphic novel takes place inside an operative system called CafeviOS, which includes a variety of APPs with well-defined functions. These allow the player to make phone calls to different characters, select missions with different difficulty levels, keep up-to-date on the latest news, and even play original music.

In addition, the player will count with a powerful system that will allow him to “hack” into people's minds, to read their emotions, discover their true intentions, and even influence their decisions.

Equipped with this set of tools, the player will be able to experience the life of a private detective, navigate through a non-linear story, and uncover the mysteries that hide at the heart of Nova City.

 Inside the great metropolis of Nova City, power is determined by the access to information. A small number of corporations controls the flow of knowledge and keeps the population divided in a strict class system, according to the level of access.

The story unfolds after a mysterious character approaches a police detective and offers him a powerful tool to read people's emotions. The detective is presented with a way to find the one thing that could possibly disrupt the balance of power in the city, the one thing that seems lost in this world of endless information: the truth.

 A unique first person perspective in which the player will control the personal computer of a private detective.

2. Rich storylines developed in a non-linear structure.

3. Colorful and complex characters, with different agendas and opinions.

4. An innovative system that allows the main character to read people's emotions and make decisions accordingly, in order to accomplish different goals.

5. A set of different APPs that will challenge the player's logical skills and imagination, toughening success in a series of increasingly difficult missions and tasks, within a narrative environment.

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Loved the game! Did a video over it! 

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One small thing I noticed is that the "start menu" doesn't close when I click anywhere outside it. Nor does it close when I click to launch one of the apps. A behavior that is ingrained into memory by this point. Might want to change that behavior to make the desktop experience more convincing.

Oh, you are right. That's totally a necessary behavior. We saw it earlier but, because of the difficulty to modify it, we delayed the correction and forgot to do it later. We'll add it to the bug fixing list for the next build. Thanks for playing and for your feedback!

Enjoyed the demo and the concept, but would love some way to speed up the text and/or minimize keys/clicking for the text. Lots of clicking to complete, then advance the text.  The story and idea are really neat and I'll upvote the Square page soon.

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Hi  @paschott, thanks for the suggestion, for now you can speed up the text very quickly by pressing the ESC key, but soon we will put in configurations the possibility of modifying the speed of the text and an option to automatically advance the text.
Thank you very much for your support, we will be informing you about all the changes and improvements in the project.


There's no demo here.

Soon we`re going to upload the prologue for you to enjoy it!

Fair. It's just that the Collective page has a link to the demo and there's not a demo, so it was a bit confusing.


The demo is now ready, we hope you like it :)